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The Freedom Ledges

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Deacon Ledges

Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar

Deacon Ledges (Boston Stergis) founded The Freedom Ledges in Los Angeles in 2008, naming the band after a legendary party spot on the lake in his home town of Freedom, Maine.

He is also an accomplished actor in theater, film and television, with a B.F.A. in drama from Syracuse University followed by 10 years in New York’s downtown theater scene, where he also earned a black belt as a competitive mixed martial artist.

Deacon Ledges

Jessika Rowe

Lead Vocals, Keys

Jessika Rowe has been slaying the music scene in Los Angeles since 2007, lending her vocal swag to acts such as Gangsta Queen, Jaybird, and Kim D & the Killer Bees, to name a few.

After extensive study in her two passions: music and fashion, she can be found moonlighting as a production and development manager for a major fashion brand while creating costumes and original custom pieces for friends on the side.

A multi-faceted Missouri native, Jessika Rowe brings a special brand of honey-coated soul to The Freedom Ledges.

Jessika Rowe

Juan Lozano

Lead Guitar, Trombone

Juan comes from Northern California, and has been playing music since elementary school. Some of his musical influences are Queen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Carlos Santana.

Juan is a founding company member of 2Cents, resident company for the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood's Theatre Row. Currently under development is a Rock Opera of Divine proportions titled "Dis Pater's Aberrant Traveling Show". A raucous ride with a demon barker, salacious singers, and a piano player who's future is darker than his past.

A graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York Juan has a diverse background in performance art. Often times Juan can be found Juan walking around the Sunset Strip trying to make Boule laugh.

Juan Lozano

Adam Gertler


Adam learned to love the harp listening to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Mick Jagger. He honed his skills trolling the Los Angeles karaoke circuit during the early 2000's and is honored to be a resident ledge.

Adam is best known for his work on Food Network where he hosted his own shows Will Work For Food and Kid In A Candy Store. Adam has recently turned his passion for encased meats into a business and is selling Gertler's Wurst sausages at Costco stores and Dog Haüs restaurants.

He can also be seen talking about movies on FX Movie Download on FX.

Adam Gertler

Frank Gallegos

Electric Washboard

Frankie G. plays electric washboard and has been known to occasionally belt out a soulful harmony. He first jammed with the Freedom Ledges at a Thai/tranny/blues club in the badlands of Hollywood.

Despite never having heard any of the songs before, Frankie kept the groove and Deacon Ledges took note. He’s a rare Los Angeles native and can tell endless boring stories about the Eastside before it was cool.

A professional actor, Frankie G. has amassed numerous appearances on television shows, feature films and live theatre. Frankie rhymes with hug me.

Frank Gallegos

Andrew Dunn


Along with being an amazing bassist, Andrew, a Los Angeles based film maker graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in film/video. His first short won an award for Excellence from the U of A College of Fine Arts

He's written and directed several shorts that have appeared in both natioal and international film fetstivals, winning various honors and awards

He's currently developing his first feauture film and graphic novel.

Andrew Dunn

Ian Scheller


By day Ian does graphic design, storyboarding, Motion Graphics, and code. At night he plays music and performs.

Ian's been playing the drums for a long time - it is his favorite instrument. As King Famous he produces beats and rhymes.

His musical influences are rap, jazz, rock, motown, punk, funk and just about anything that comes out of a radio.

Ian started playing with the Freedom Ledges on a July 4th a few years back and hasn't stopped since.

Learn more about Ian, his music and designs at and

Ian Scheller